21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

21 Mouth Watering Reason Why Sam Asghari is So HOT


If you’ve seen Britney Spears video “Slumber Party” featuring Tinashe then you know who we are talking about. If NOT, we have 21 Mouth Watering Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT!!!

When you think perfection you think, Sam Asghari! This is why he is our hot bod of the week, and ladies this man is GORGEOUS with a capital G…

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

The alpha male now has an example and he looks like Sam Asghari, a BMG Personal Trainer with Royal personal training.

Sam Asghari has been flying under the radar until now. He was spotted out with Britney Spears over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. He was also linked to the “Oops…I did It Again” pop diva romantically after posting a photo of the two out on the town.

Once RUMORS started to swirl, Sam deleted the photo. Despite the rumors the Persian hunk from Studio City was formerly dating Playboy model Jessa Hinton. He is currently single, unless the Britney RUMORS are true. Maybe they just started dating, so they’re keeping under wraps until further notice.

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

Luckily for us, we were alerted and now Sam Asghari is our HOT BOD of the week. Sam recently reflected on his journey. Sam says, “the highest point in my life that makes me appreciate everything and everyone, and the lowest point in my life that keeps me humble.” He adds, “I would never change or replace anything no matter how good or bad, I appreciate my family and my close friends.”

One thing we know for sure is that Sam is all about “Self-Improvement.” He constantly gives words of inspiration on Instagram. Sam reminds his followers to “keep your head up in failure, and your head down in success ?.” He also advises to keep your “eyes on the prize! ?”

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

Why Sam Asghari is a Self-Improvement guru!

Sam recently interviewed with MSICollege where he spoke about the fundamentals of “Self-Improvement” See Sam wasn’t always a chisled and sculpted hunk. before he was having women break their necks just to gawk at him he was just an average Joe.

Asghari made some serious changes to become the man he is today. When it comes to sacrifices and changes in his life he says:

“One of the biggest sacrifices I’ve made to change my life and also change my career was around 2 years ago, I had to change my life goal which was to become a police officer. I understood that my passion was elsewhere. I was way more passionate about fitness modelling and acting.”

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

With change comes motivation. Sam speaks on what drove him to get in shape. He weighed in saying:

“The biggest reason why I was motivated to loose all that fat and get into the best shape of my life, was because of a single Saturday night. I found myself very alone and very bored, without a date. So I figured, I already workout, might as well clean up my diet and look even better. I joined Gold’s Gym as an employee and also encouraged others to get in better shape and to look better.”

He adds that its important to have self-improvement for men, and here is why:

“Self-improvement is the most important thing a man needs to focus on, every single day! Read a book, increase your knowledge, add value to your life, exercise and practice your craft, it’s very important.”

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

Sam Asghari Tips:

Here is his advice to men out there trying to achieve success. First and foremost there are three tips:

“My three tips for success are…never settle for mediocrity. I notice people always settle for being just fine or doing just fine. Sometimes, you just have to sit and think, do I really want this 9-5 job? Do I really want to work for someone else my whole life? Or better yet, is this the best I can do? My second tip is…I always remind myself, when was the last time you really tried to get something and gave it all you had and never got it? I mean you gave 110%, everything you had and never got it? Almost never! So give everything you’ve got and I promise you, you will get whatever it is!”

21 Sexy Reason Why Sam Asghari So HOT

He adds:

“My last tip is…Ignore whatever others have to say about you. Sometimes even your loved ones will tell you not to do something. If your heart tells you to do it, do it! I’ve been told I could never play football when I was 13 because I was too small, yet I ended up being 6,2 and 255 lbs when I was a sophomore in high school. Also I was told modelling and acting were a waste of time, but it’s been the best move I’ve made. Just follow your heart!”

Here are 21 Mouth Watering Reason Why Sam Asghari is So HOT:

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