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Why James Harrison Uses Cupping Therapy: 8 Benefits to Help The Body

8 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

James Harrison is an avid user of cupping therapy, but what do we know about it? What are the benefits of cupping? What does it help and when would one need to get the therapy? Former NFL outside linebacker James harden may no longer be playing on the field but he continues to workout like a beast.

Why does Harrison use Cupping Therapy? We are NOT mad because the 40-year-old chocolate hunk is looking more delicious than ever. Read on to check out the benefits of cupping therapy

8 Benefits of Cupping TherapyNow CelebNhealth247.com has been doing our research and Positive Health Wellness explains the therapy best so you can get the best understand what cupping therapy is and what it can help with your body.

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping Therapy is a type of bloodletting. There are different ways to perform this, which we will be discussing further on. The process involves placing a cup against a person’s skin. Then, a partial vacuum is generated in the cup. They do this, so the blood gets sucked into the skin. The traditional way of creating the vacuum is by heating the air inside the cup by burning incense on top of it.

Cupping Therapy has been around since ancient times. It’s an alternative treatment in which the therapist uses cups and places them on a person’s skin. The cups can be made of the following:

  • bamboo,
  • earthenware,
  • glass, or
  • silicone

What are the benefits?

1. Eliminates any weakness in the body. A person may experience body weakness as a result of illnesses or malnutrition. A lot of illnesses are difficult to diagnose even by modern medicine. If these illnesses are left unchecked and untreated, they can be detrimental to the body. The effects can spread and worsen until all the parts of the body are affected.

2. The therapy Cures Fever. Cupping therapy is also a great way to treat fever.

8 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

3. Fights against dermatological diseases. People who have different skin diseases may also benefit.

4. Aids in preventing liver diseases. It is helpful in preventing liver diseases. The treatment takes out the senile and stagnant corpuscles. It also extracts any impurities found in the blood. When this happens, blood flows into the liver better. This then helps the improve the liver’s functionality and productivity.

8 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

5. Improves blood circulation. Hijama or cupping therapy also affects the circulatory system positively. It helps enhance blood flow by making the veins stronger. It also strengthens the arterial muscles by eliminating congested blood. Without a consistent blood flow, the body won’t be able to function well. This is crucial for the body’s movement, neurological processes, and other processes of the body’s systems.

6. Treats gastrointestinal diseases. The body has three major powerhouses. These are the intestines, the spleen, and the stomach. These powerhouses are in charge of generating heat and energy for the body. If any of these are compromised, the body’s core temperature spikes. This causes changes in enzyme productions, which affects the entire body. Gastrointestinal diseases such as ulcers and even constipation may occur in the body. If left unchecked and untreated, these illnesses might even prove to be fatal. Cupping therapy helps in the secretion of essential digestive fluids.

8 Benefits of Cupping Therapy

7. Heals rheumatic diseases organically. Instead of taking medication, one can also opt for this kind of treatment. People have reported an immediate relief from the effects of these diseases after some cupping therapy sessions. Rheumatic diseases such as joint pain, rheumatism, lumbago, and arthritis can be treated with such therapy.

8. Helps the nervous system. Nowadays, a lot of diseases and disorders in the nervous system are becoming more and more common. These issues are because of today’s climatic conditions as well as the wealth of new and complex machines. These days, many people are suffering from psychological problems which are hard to diagnose and even harder to treat. The body’s nervous system functions when neurons communicate with each other. When this happens, the brain can transmit signals to the other parts of the body. Cupping therapy helps the brain with the process of transmitting the signals. It helps by eliminating any congestion in the brain which may result in complications. This makes the brain healthy.

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