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Amber Rose Opens Up about Her Breast Reduction

Amber Rose Opens Up about Her Breast Reduction

Amber Rose is known for sharing from her pubic hair aesthetic to her NSFW secret to good skin.

This week, Amber Rose, the Slut Walk creator underwent a procedure to have breast reduction surgery this week. Read on…

Amber Rose Opens Up about Her Breast Reduction

Here is what the former Dancing With the Stars contestant had to say about having a breast reduction to her fans.

Amber Rose explains her emotions were getting the best of her. She said:

I was “really scared and really excited at the same time” about the surgery.

Rose shared a smiley pre-op selfie and a short video with her Beverly Hills–based plastic surgeon, Garth Fisher, M.D.
Amber joins the list of females in Hollywood to open up about downsizing her breasts, and it’s not just something that the stars do. Did you know, The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has reported a 157 percent increase in breast reduction surgeries in the U.S. between 1997 and 2013.

Professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery, Peter Taub, M.D, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai weighed in saying:
“Many women have what we call macromastia, [a term for] the breast being too large.”

why are so many young women plagued with such large breasts


Dr Shazia explained to the Daily Mail in 2016 regarding the rise in breast reductions:

Dr Shazia Malik, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Portland Hospital in London, explains: ‘Girls who are overweight at a young age tend to go through the menarche (start of their periods) earlier and this means they are exposed to oestrogen (the female hormone) at a younger age, which will stimulate breast growth and size.


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In addition to the video, Amber also posted a photo with another doctor. She revealed that she was ridding her cellulite:

Amber said:

“I’m giving up the ? @dr.matlock is Hollywood’s best kept secret ? Thank you for helping me get rid of my cellulite. Contact his office now and get your free consultation just by mentioning my name! Hurry for a limited time only!”

Amber Rose Opens Up about Her Breast Reduction

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