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Amber Rose Brest Reduction: The Pain Was Too Much

Amber Rose Brest Reduction: The Pain Was Too Much

If you ask Amber Rose why did she have a breast reduction the first thing she will probably tell you is “my boobs slowed me down.” Amber also admits the decision to size down didn’t come easy.

The now plus size Amber Rose who will be releasing her new clothing line via Be Simply goes on to reveal why her breast reduction was necessary. Read on…

Amber Rose Brest Reduction: The Pain Was Too previously reported on Amber Rose breast reduction earlier this year, and now the SlutWalk creator is revealing why she decided that her body need the break from her large chest.

Amber Rose explains how she contemplated having the surgery for nearly three years:

I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore, but it got to the point where I literally was in pain. It was almost as if I had like a heavy backpack on my chest.

She went on to reveal that her boobs slowed her down when she was on Dancing with the Stars alongside Maksim Chmerkovskiy in 2016.

Amber reveals why she sized down from a natural breast size, a 36H cup:

My boobs slowed me down. And, my partner, Maks, would be like, ‘Come on! Hurry up, faster, faster, faster.’ And, I’m like, ‘Dude, I can’t go any faster! I’m like in pain. I literally cannot move that fast.

The 34-year-old model worried about scarring from the breast reduction, but the pain became so unbearable that she decided to go through with the reduction, she explains:

I got my boobs when I was 14, but I would say, over the years, as my weight fluctuated, my boobs fluctuated. And, so, after I had my son, I mean, my boobs, they got bigger. They got way, way bigger.

She adds:

They definitely made me look older when was a teenager, and also, I felt it made me look heavier as well because they were so big.

The sex symbol of the millennium, SlutWalk creator, and feminist open up about being objectified on the daily in hip-hop culture and how things have changed.

Rose concludes:

Being known as a sex object in hip-hop, Amber Rose has changed since her days with Kanye West. The SlutWalk creator and Feminist is all about body positivity these days.

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