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Bam Margera Hospitalized 2 Times From Bipolar Meds Side Effects

Bam Margera Hospitalized 2 Times From Bipolar Meds Side Effects

MTV’s Jackass star Bam Margera hospitalized twice after nasty reaction to bipolar medications.

According to Bam, his new bipolar medication caused him to pass out striking his head and cutting it wide open. Continue on for more on Bam Margera Hospitalized …


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Officially diagnosed Manic bipolar thanks to mom mom margera

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CelebNHealth247.com has the latest from Bam who said in a statement he was sleep walking due to the side effects of a new medication.

Bam Margera was diagnosed with Manic Bipolar Disorder. He claims the new medication, made him “pass out” and smash his head requiring 6 staples.

He was rushed to a hospital, where he was treated for the laceration.

On Instagram, Bam recounted the story, saying the medication “starts with a Z,” but doesn’t remember it’s exact name.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Margera says after returning home and spending some time with his son, he re-injured the wound.

The TV star said:

I got karate kicked in a pool in the neck surgery playing with Phoenix with community kids by accident.

Margera checked into rehab after coming and going from another facility due to its cell phone policy. He was arrested for trespassing in a Los Angeles hotel, after drunkenly refusing to leave without a room.

Sources close to his family tell us, Adderall has been a major problem for Bam, turning to the drug when he is out of treatment. His family believes it could be behind some of his issues, according to The Blast who posted the news earlier today.

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