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LHH’s Cardi B Explains Why She Got Illegal Plastic Surgery

LHH's Cardi B Explains Why She Got Illegal Butt Implants

When it comes to Love & Hip Hop New York’sĀ Cardi B, she reveals why she got illegalĀ Butt Implants at the age of 17!!!

Flip and get more on Cardi B inside…

LHH's Cardi B Explains Why She Got Illegal Butt Implants has learned that Cardi B said that when she was 17 years old, she wanted to be in music video, but didn’t have the butt!

Cardi sat down with Ebro of Ebro in the morning to chop it up on how she decided to get butt implants so she could start working in music videos. One thing to know about Cardi B is that she has ambition, drive and the will to make anything happen. If she wants it, she goes for it and makes it happen.

If you want to be like Cardi B and succeed, then listen to this informative interview because Cardi drops so many gems its hard to keep up.

When it comes to her butt enhancement Cardi tells Ebro that she got the booty done “but NOT legally” in Queens at somebodies house. She admits that “she wants to fix a few things.” She explains that she knows that its not safe.

she explains that the pressure of wanting to be in music video forced her to get illegal plastic surgery. She says that a guy she knows, who books all the girls in the video told her to get her @ss done.

Listen to the interview with Cardi B and Ebro in The Morning:

One thing we can say about Cardi, she give you street knowledge and the things you NEED to know when you’re growing up. She breaks it down!

We really admire Cardi B. She knows who she is, where she comes from and it don’t matter. She is 100 about who she is. That is a commendable and respectable thing! Keep it up Cardi and good luck with everything.

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