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Cardi B Plastic Surgery: Then and Now Photos

Cardi B Plastic Surgery: Then and Now Photos

If you recall, earlier this year before all they hype of ‘Bodak Yellow’ we reported on Cardi B explaining why she got illegal plastic surgery.

The former Love & Hip Hop NY breakout star Cardi B has been very vocal about plastic surgery because she has NOTHING TO HIDE. Read on…

Cardi B Plastic Surgery: Then and Now Photos has some Then and Now photos of everyone’s favorite, Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar. it appears that Cardi followed the Nicki Minaj handbook of how a female rap star is supposed to look like.

Plastic surgery for female rappers is NOT anything new, Lil Kim had full body lipo back in the day, and some enhancements over the years.

Cardi B Plastic Surgery Then and Now Pics:

Nicki Minaj, was flat chested and had a flat butt, until her first manager made her the Minaj everyone knows today. But he gets no credit for coming up with her name or her look.

Moving along, Cardi B, 25, follows Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and Atlanta stars who have had butt, breast, stomach, lips and more surgeries.

The reality star that had the most extreme plastic surgery is Black Ink Crew’s Sky. She has butt, breast and vaginal rejuvenation surgery.

Cardi B Plastic Surgery: Then and Now Photos

As for Cardi B, here is what she previous revealed:

“Cardi got the booty done “but NOT legally” in Queens at somebodies house. She admits that “she wants to fix a few things.” Belcalis Almanzar explains that she knows that its not safe. She explains that the pressure of wanting to be in music video forced her to get illegal plastic surgery.”

Photos: Instagram

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