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Bolo The Entertainer: 18 Mouth Watering Photos

Bolo The Entertainer: 20 Mouth Watering Photos

Vivica’s Black Magic on Lifetime came to a close tonight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t checkout Bolo The Entertainer Mouth Watering Photos!!!

Bolo The Entertainer is one of the main attractions on the Vivica’s Black Magic Tour that is going down until July 1, 2017, but for now, are you ready to gawk at 20 mouth-watering Photos of Bolo The Entertainer? Take a look…

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50 Sexier Than Ever; Jim Jones Stays VampFit Packing on Muscle

50 Cent Sexier Than Ever; Jim Jones Stays VampFit Packing on Muscle

When some men get older the loose their hotness. We can’t say that for 50 Cent, he may be older, but Fiddy is sexier than ever. 50 just posted a new photo and he looks AB-TASTIC!!! On the flip, Jim Jones has been staying #VampFit, putting on muscle. Yes, Jimmy is looking really really good too!

Take a look at two hip hop heavy weights, 50 Cent and Jim Jones showing off what the working with…

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Meet Heat From Vivica’s Black Magic

Have you been watching Vivica’s Black Magic on Lifetime? If no, then you are missing out! Vivica’s Black Magic is one of the hottest shows on TV. Vivica Fox has put together an all male revue, but this crew comes in chocolate!!!

Yes, ladies, if you like chocolate, caramel and brown sugar, than this show is for you. Our favorite, next to BOLO, is HEAT, he is EVERYTHING! But don’t take it from us…take a look at his photos and watch him heat up the stage…

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