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Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Shirtless and Fondling His Package

We might as well call this hunky Thursday since Usher tantalized fans in the steam room and now Jason Derulo Shows Off Ripped Body On Stage in Florida, Derulo was spotted Shirtless and Fondling His Package!!!

Need some help there Jason Derulo? We know some ladies that can help you adjust it to the left or right, which is it? Find out on the flip…

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Usher Snapchats His Hollywood Sausage

Over the years Usher has made sure to let his fans know he’s working with a little more than 9, yesterday, Usher Snapchats His Hollywood Sausage!!!

Yes ladies and gents the sexy Usher decided to stand in his birthday suit and reveal all his glory to the masses on the flip…

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Terron Beckham

Terron Beckham Workouts Like A Beast

Odell Beckham Jr. cousins body is a perfectly sculpted, but the New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. cousin Terron Beckham Workouts Like A Body Builder to get that body perfect!!!

Flip and see what Terron Beckham workout consists of and what the NY Giants WR is talking…..

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