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Tarek El Moussa Goes from Dad Bod to DILF

Tarek El Moussa Goes from Dad Bod to DILF

Dang, Tarek El Moussa is RIPPED! The “Flip or Flop” star wanted to prove his doctor wrong when he said he’ll NEVER be able to workout again!

That was all the motivation Tarek El Moussa needed to get fit after battling 2 cancers, recovering from debilitating back problems. Checkout more hot photos of Tarek on the flip…

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Why Gigi Hadid Loves To Plank Into Shape

Gigi Hadid Interviews while doing a Planking Workout

Gigi Hadid can surely hold a plank position. The sexy model had a motivational interview with her trainer while holding herself in a plank position.

Find out what has learned about Gigi Hadid and her interview with her trainer…

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Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram

Drake Workout ‘Better Body Plan’ via Instagram

No this plan is NOT about selfies by Drake, it is how he got into shape. The Toronto native has posted a series of photos on his progress from OK Drake to OMG Drake!

Flip and checkout Drake workout going from OK to OH MY GAWD…

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