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CDC Reports 50% of Gay + Bisexual Black Men Will Turn HIV+

CDC Reports 50% of Gay + Bisexual Black Men Will Turn HIV+

The odds are NOT in gay and bisexual Black men’s favor!

According to the Centers For Disease Control half of all gay and bisexual Black men will be infected with HIV in their lifetime. Read on for more details…

CDC Reports 50% of Gay + Bisexual Black Men Will Turn HIV+CelebNHealth247.com has shocking news about the disturbing new study was just released from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).

Researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are saying that a new analysis reveals that half of the Gay + Bisexual Black Men and a quarter of Latino gay or bisexual men nationwide are expected to be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime.

Basically, the CDC predicts one in every two black gay and bisexual men is projected to become HIV positive in his lifetime if current trends continue.

That is a horrible reality.

Why Gay + Bisexual Black Men Are at RISK of Being Infected?

It’s also been revealed that the new study is sending shockwaves through the LGBT community.

Leanne Savola, the HIV and STI program director at the Detroit Health Department, had this to say about the CDC’s projection:

That is extraordinarily devastating! An entire population of our youth is going to have this disease … for the rest of their lives because we haven’t done enough to figure out how to halt the transmission. That’s where we really need to focus our programming and ideas more broadly.

The number of Gay + Bisexual Black Men Already Infected with the virus:

The reports also stated that “an estimated 1,122,900 people had HIV at the end of 2015. African American gay and bisexual men accounted for 18% (201,800) of all people with HIV and 32% of all gay and bisexual men with HIV.”

There are major challenges against prevention including stigma, homophobia, and discrimination put gay and bisexual men of all races/ethnicities at risk for multiple physical and mental health problems.

The report also touches on the question about black men seeking help from a doctor if they learn of getting HIV. Their situation may affect whether they seek and are able to receive high-quality health services, including HIV testing, treatment, and other prevention services.

Gay + Bisexual Black Men At RISK!

There are several factors are specific to African American gay and bisexual men.

One notable factor is that the black and Latino gay and Bisexual millennials are not wrapping it up. Many gay men are barebacking which is a big no-no. And in addition to that, they’re doing a risky activity like multiple partners at the same time without condoms, rimming and swallowing.

Gay men need to always wrap it up. NEVER have unsafe sex and refrain from swallowing. There so many things you can catch some treatable, others curable and some not. Do risk one night of pleasure for a life of illness.

Not all HIV+ men are lucky once infected. Yes, you can live a long life, but you must take your pills daily, change your lifestyle, and make sure to diet and go to the gym. Barebacking is NOT safe and just because you’re on PREP still does not equate to unsafe sex.

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