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Murderous 60s Cult Leader Charles Manson Dead at 83

Murderous 60s Cult Leader Charles Manson Dead at 83

Wow, we can’t believe it, Charles Manson, the crazed murderous 60s cult leader Charles Manson dead at 83!

Read on to get more details on Charles Manson passing…

Murderous 60s Cult Leader Charles Manson Dead at 83

According to the California Department of Corrections Charles Manson has died from natural causes, CelebNHealth247.com has learned.

Charles Manson, the wild-eyed 1960s cult leader whose followers committed heinous murders that terrorized Los Angeles and shocked the nation, died Sunday of natural causes.  He was 83.

CNN reports:

Charles Manson, the man who orchestrated a wave of violence in August 1969, took the lives of seven people. His murders spawned headlines worldwide and landed him and his “Manson Family” of followers in prison.

Manson served nine life terms in California prisons and was denied parole 12 times. His notoriety, boosted by popular books and films, made him a cult figure to those fascinated by his dark apocalyptic visions.

Former prosecutor Victor Bugliosi told CNN in 2015 this about the cult figure:

“He was the dictatorial ruler of the (Manson) family, the king, the Maharaja. And the members of the family were slavishly obedient to him.”

Manson just celebrated his birthday on November 11, 2017 – He released this quote via MansonDirect:

“Take a breath of Air before your prayer. Without the Air there is no prayer. Air is God.”

“You’re dealing with one mind, but the people that are running The Mind, they don’t even know what The Mind is. They think they got a mind; nobody’s got a mind. The Mind has everybody.”

– Quotes from CM.

RIP Charles

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