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‘Facts Of Life’ Star Charlotte Rae Talks Cancer Diagnosis

‘Facts Of Life’ Star Charlotte Rae Talks Cancer Diagnosis

Charlotte Rae best known for her role as Edna Garrett on the ‘Facts Of Life’ opens up about being diagnosed with cancer for the second time in her life, and is staying positive.

Read on what Charlotte Rae has to say…

‘Facts Of Life’ Star Charlotte Rae Talks Cancer Diagnosis has learned that Charlotte Rae found out that she had cancer for a second time when Doctors discovered bone cancer.

Prior to her recent diagnosis Charlotte Rae was told that she had pancreatic cancer seven years ago, which she beat after six months treatment.

The news of her new diagnosis broke April 28, so Charlotte Rae told People

“I feel so incredibly grateful that I’m still alive. I’m still above ground at 91! I’ve had such an incredible life. Ups and downs, fabulous stuff. Unhappy stuff, but lots of wonderful stuff. I’ve had a full, rich life. And I’m still here.”

Initially, Rae canceled her first chemotherapy appointment, instead wishing to just live her life. What changed her mind?

Rae decided that she wanted to fight!

She explained:

“My doctor said, ‘You’re so active, why don’t we do a low chemo, spread it out so that the side effects won’t be too bad and maybe it’ll help stop it from spreading. I’m going to ask [my doctor] all sorts of questions, like how much can I exercise? Because I want to keep moving. I’m going to take it one day at a time. That’s all we got anyway!”

Charlotte Rae, who turned 91 on April 22, has decided to undergo chemo treatments, unlike many cancer patients in their 90s.


Rae took her first chemo treatment on May 8th, but she revealed she has a strong support group, which includes many of her former Facts of Life castmates.

“I didn’t say anything to the girls when they called on my birthday because I didn’t know what the results of my exams were going to be. But then I told them. We’re all sticking together. They’re all beautiful women and beautiful mothers. We’re all hanging in there.”

Worried fans have reached out to Rae to offer their hope for her recovery.

She replied with these words, which brought a tear to our eyes:

“Tell them I feel so grateful that I lived this long and that I lived this incredible life. Tell them that every day from now on is a birthday and I’m going to savor it to the max. Really enjoy it, be good to myself and try to be of service to other people. I can’t worry in advance about anything. I just have to celebrate being alive. Being part of the universe. I’m so full of love for myself and others. I’m filled with joy.”

Despite her diagnosis and her age, Rae is still very active. Rae is a very strong woman. She explained in her book ‘The Facts of My Life’ that she battled alcoholism, raising a son with autism & mental disabilities, and learning that he husband John Strauss was bisexual. Rae has been sober for 42 years.

If she can overcome all that, then we know she can beat cancer.

Stay strong Charlotte Rae get well soon!

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