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Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe And Infection Free

Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe And Infection Free

Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe And Infection Free!

While most of the world has raided the grocery store, Rite Aids, CVS, Walgreens and anywhere you can buy Lysol, Hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, bleach, face masks and more, we have some helpful tips to stay safe and Infection free. Read on for some helpful tips to how to stay safe from the Coronavirus away from you and your family… first wants to say these are helpful tips that parents should already be practicing and teaching their children.

Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is spread by touch. The virus is said to stay on things like countertops, elevator buttons, door handles, tables, furniture, clothes. It is said NOT to be airborn. It is all by touch and contact.

As we all know, a vaccine has not been formulated for the novel coronavirus. In light of this fact, prevention appears to be the best cure available so far. They are saying that a vaccine will most likely take up to 18-months before it is made to help prevent further spread.

First, make sure you keep your homes clean. What we mean by this is wipe down your countertops with bleach wipes, Lysol your home daily and make sure everyone washes their hands after petting animals, playing outside, using the bathroom and when you first walk in your home.

Another thing you might want to do is to take a shower when you come home from being in high traffic areas of people such as school, work, the mall, restaurants etc… One thing to note about the Coronavirus is that the virus stays on things, so wash your clothes as well.

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