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Dandelion Sun ‘Be Free’ The Way to Protecting Your Skin

Dandelion Sun The Cure to Protecting Your Skin

Your Computer Screen May Be Damaging Your Skin! Dandelion Sun ‘Be Free’ is the way to protecting your skin from unforseen UV rays.

Did you realize your computer screen may be damaging your skin?  sat down with owner and creator Stephanie Marks of Dandelion Sun to learn about your computer screen may be damaging your skin.

Read on to hear about Dandelion Sun ‘Be Free’ 4 in 1 and their amazing new Hibiscus Glow Teatox

Dandelion Sun The Cure to Protecting Your Skin

One important thing learned when we spoke with Stephanie was something we did not think about. Your computer screen may be damaging your skin. It gives off UV rays!

For those of you who sit in front of a computer much of the day, please take note and use Dandelion Sun. It is bad enough damaging our skin when out in the sun, but now that we know our computer screens are culprits too, we can prevent that as well.

Dandelion Sun The Cure to Protecting Your Skin

Stephanie Marks and Marlena Chang are the owners and creators of this great skincare company.

For more about DandelionSun Skincare please head over to and start protecting your skin: Amazon | Facebook | Instagram

Their mission is to promote healthy skin and that is why they donate a percentage of proceeds to the Skin Cancer Prevention foundations.

Stephanie shared:

It’s a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. My Mom actually had skin cancer. I realize the importance of preventative measures and that is why out first product was a moisturizer with SPF 30.

Their first product is anti-aging with the SPF 30 called be free. Is SPF 30 the best for everyone to use or how did you come up with that number?

Marks told us:

SPF 30 is essentially the minimum amount of SPF protection that you need. Anything below that you shouldn’t bother and anything above that does not necessarily protect you that much more. It’s a great way to have maximum protection without having too much of that sunscreen ingredient that gives you that white cast and residue.

We asked as we have seen sunscreen up to 45 and we were wondering if children or different skin types need that or is 30 good for all skin types?

The rule of thumb is it’s good for all skin types. I will also buy SPF 50 for that peace of mind. I was in Costa Rica and took Dandelion Sun and I did not get burned once and it did get pretty hot out there and the sun was really strong. My friend had one of those maximum strength SPF 50 and he got burned. I definitely tested the SPF 30 and I have fair skin, so I would definitely recommend that amount.

When you made the product and took your time to test it, do you think the ingredients have a lot to do with the overall workings of the SPF such as your anti-aging?

The anti-aging with the squalene and frankincense are strong ingredients for that and then for the sunscreen ingredients we did tinker with the percentages and types of sunscreen ingredients to come up with this formulation.

Marlena and Stephanie went to school together at UC Davis and worked in house at a skincare company.

The longtime friends talked about doing a business together over the years and one day while they were in Sebastopol at the Iron Horse, they decided to go for it. It only took them about half a year to launch the business. The name came from a field of dandelions that Stephanie loved.

The 4 in 1 be free is the first product and available now. They will have a full line of products with the sunblock being next in the collection. It will be a Hyaluronic acid serum that is vegan and a sun damage corrector.

Stephanie sent us a be free sample and it is light, smooth, smells nice and we really see the hydration moisturizer working on our skin. We are excited to try more products as they come out. Stephanie told us to use it prior to make up and it works great.

Squalene in the product helps to seal in the moisturizer and correct fine lines. It is safe for ages 12 and up. Using the product is a preventative measure. We should all use a daily SPF to protect our skin. Dandelion Sun is also looking into a chapstick with SPF.

Stephanie shared:

Hibiscus Flow is going to be our first tea coming out. It is about promoting healthy skin and has some yummy ingredients in it. It can help not just your skin, but your body. Goji berries for energy, fennel seed for your metabolism boost, hibiscus and rose. There are just so many good reasons to incorporate those in your tea.

PLEASE NOTE: Stephanie wants everyone to realize how important SPF is for everyone.

For any product that you use it should be reapplied after going in the water.  You may have caught their booth at BottleRock in Napa 2019. If you did you will have to keep an eye out for more products being released in July.

It is very exciting hear about the teas that are coming out for overall body health and wellness that tastes good.

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