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Did DMX OVERDOSE or Have An Asthma Attack


Earlier this week reported DMX Hospitalized After Collapsing in A Hotel Room, well we have learned it was an OVERDOSE, so Did DMX OVERDOSE or Have An Asthma Attack!!! and just got some baffling news, and we have the updated details on what was the cause of DMX being hospitalized on the flip…


What do you think, Did DMX OVERDOSE or Have An Asthma Attack?

OK so this is what we are hearing since it was first announced that DMX was rushed to a NYC hospital Collapsing in A Hotel Room!

It appears DMX team was trying to keep things on the hush on what really happened. Today, just learned that DMX was rushed to a NYC hospital after being discovered collapsed and unresponsive in a parking lot NOT a hotel room.

The latest reports are claiming that DMX was discovered with no pulse and was not breathing in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn around 6 PM.

NOT only that, but first hand responders at the scene gave the rapper a dose of Narcan, which is used on patients who have overdosed, and the rapper immediately became semi responsive with a light pulse.

If it was short of breath, he would NOT need the Narcan.


Once again, Did DMX OVERDOSE?

To top that, TMZ is claiming the rapper was seen ingesting some sort of white powder prior to collapsing and falling to the floor.

On the flip side of all this, DMX’s team is now claiming that is not the case.

Earl Simmons aka DMX team is also saying that the last thing the rapper remembers is allegedly suffering from loss of breath with a pain in his chest. Before collapsing, he had reached for his inhaler and that was the last thing he can recollect.

The rapper has suffered from severe asthma for years, so this is not the first time he has had to deal with having an asthma attack.

The report goes on to claim that DMX is currently in stable condition after the health scare.

Apparently, DMX and his team is sticking to this story.

We will update you as we get more info…

What do you think happened, Did DMX OVERDOSE or did DMX have an asthma attack?

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