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Diddy Admits He Suffered Dark Depression

Diddy Admits He Suffered Dark Depression

Diddy Admits He Suffered Dark Depression!!!

The Revolt TV frontman Diddy opened up on social media about his emotional struggle in 2019 with depression. Read on for more details…

CelebNHealth247.com reports that Diddy started off in an Insta-video post stating that “2019 was a crazy year,” and that it was “really, really, really hard man. It was a hard year.”

Diddy had really been going through it since the loss of his former girlfriend and mother of three children Kim Porter who died in November 2018. Since her sudden passing, Sean Combs has struggled with her loss and carried a heavy heart that took its toll on him.

Many are trying to say that his emotional struggle comes from depression after he allegedly admitted he was gay. Without any facts, certain unnamed sites are trying to spin a wicked story based on rumors and lyrics he rapped about in Blood Orange’s “Hope” video from early last year.

Diddy captioned his video (below) “LET’S LIFT EACH OTHER UP IN 2020!”

However, in a 2 minute and 30-second video Diddy opens up saying:

The energy was real, real heavy out there. I even got affected. 2019 was the year I honestly felt I wanted to give up. For a whole year, I went through a state of dark depression. I’m telling you this because I had so many people to help me.

Puffy, 50-year-old music mogul went on to say:

There are so many people dealing with depression. Nobody’s immune to it. No matter how much money or success you have. Depression is at an all-time high. Even I experienced it this year.

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To a better year in 2020 Diddy.

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