Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram

Drake Workout ‘Better Body Plan’ via Instagram


No this plan is NOT about selfies by Drake, it is how he got into shape. The Toronto native has posted a series of photos on his progress from OK Drake to OMG Drake!

Flip and checkout Drake workout going from OK to OH MY GAWD…

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram

CelebNHealth247.com  has another celebrity workout you might want to try, especially if you’re a Drizzy Drake fan.

Drake has a new fitness routine in place. Unfortunately, we here at CelebNHealth247.com were not able to get Aubrey Graham on the horn to discuss this further. But this is fitness, dudes! And you can’t take no for an answer!

Despite Drake’s Taylor Swift workout music, you don’t want to end up like this, dropping weight while singing a verse:

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Instead here is Drake workout tips to keep in shape year round, especially with summer coming. Now some may beg to differ like Joe Budden who says the Champagne Papi has body sculpting.

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram

Drake shows what he did to snap his body in to OMG Delicious! Now, he is on the Hollywood hunk menu for best looking bods alongside Kevin Hart, The Game and Jim Jones. All, who keep their bodies in top shape. There is nothing sexier than being is shape. Beer belly’s are NOT cute!

Drake Workout Below:

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via InstagramHeavy curls:

“This curl uses the biceps a little bit, but especially with heavy sets it works the entire arm: the posterior and anterior delts, the triceps, the forearms and biceps. It’s more for growth than definition—he’s trying to get bigger.”

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram

Concentration curl:

“This is called a concentration curl. It focuses on the biceps, the wrist, and the forearm. His arm is against the bench to isolate the biceps. When you pull up, you just want to contract the muscle and squeeze it tight. If you want to do something really hard, you pull up and you hold for three seconds and slowly come down. You’ll fatigue a lot quicker that way. It’s concentric and eccentric movement, which are basically yin and yang.”

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via InstagramRope exercise:

“For this rope exercise you want to center your gravity with a stance a little wider than shoulder-width and your feet slightly turned out. Your shoulders should be a little bit over your hips. The motion is like you’re strumming a guitar; one side is up and the other side is down. You’re working your traps, shoulders, and a little bit of your rhomboids here. You want to do it continuously for 30 seconds to a minute.”

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram


“This is a behind-the-neck pull-up, which is why his chin is down. It’s going to work your trapezoids muscles, rhomboids, deltoids, lats, and a little bit of your biceps. Your forearms are also going to get blasted.”

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via InstagramSled push:

“You’re working your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and a little bit of your upper body by pushing the sled. Some guys used to push cars or shopping carts that they’d put cement blocks in. It builds everything from the waist down, but if you have lower back problems, you should not do this at all. Make sure you get a good stretch, and make sure your arms aren’t locked—you should have a slight bend in them so you don’t damage the tendons in the elbow.”

Drake stays active doing things he likes to do such as soccer and tennis. Two great physical sports that help with cardio, endurance and an overall body workout. Soccer is great for legs coordination.

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via Instagram


“Soccer’s all cardio, sprinting and jogging up and down the field for 90 minutes. The average professional soccer player is running 32 miles per game. While dribbling the ball, you are working your hand-feet coordination, and you’re sprinting to get to the goal. When you’re not sprinting, you’re jogging back to defend. It really works your lower abs, running that much—that’s why most soccer players have good six-packs.”

Drake Workout 'Better Body Plan' via InstagramTennis:

“Tennis is great for lateral, forward, and backward movement—it’s a lot of small sprints. Tennis players usually have very developed cores, because the swing requires strong core rotation, and they have a little more leg strength and flexibility in their shoulders. Tennis is more of a skill set that’s endurance with a cardio base.”

What do you think of the Drake Workout?

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