Game’s Fitness Challenge is Back with 60 Days of Fitness


Summer is 58 days away, so its time to get in shape. The Game’s fitness challenge is back with 60 Days of Fitness 2016. Take on Game’s fitness challenge!!!

The 60 Days of Fitness Challenge is back so flip and get the details on Game’s fitness challenge…

The Game 60 Days of Fitness Challenge

The West Coast tatted rapper has it going on when it comes to sexy tatted MC, but the Robin Hood Project founder is always about keeping in shape with the Game’s fitness challenge!

The Game kicked off the 60 Days of Fitness Challenge a couple of years back and its that time of year to get your body in check by trimming down, toning up and getting physically fit to look hot shirtless this summer or wear that sexy bikini to make the fellas break their necks.

If you don’t want to workout like a beast like Odell Beckham Jr. then get physical with The Game. We know we would. We mean workout, hike and trim down.

The 60 Days of Fitness Challenge goes down in Los Angeles, that’s if you want to do the challenge alongside The Game. If you’re in the area register now at and get started. If you don’t live in LA, don’t worry Jayceon has a workout plan for both home or at the gym. Are you ready for Game’s fitness challenge? Then join NOW,  he has the workout plans!

If you can’t cook, or if you know you’re gonna cheat, then take Jayceon Taylor aka Game’s fitness challenge and order your food from Marlena Cooks.

Game writes:

“My favorite chef @MarlenaCooks stopped by today & dropped off my meal prep for the next 2 days…. Follow her NOW @MarlenaCooks for dope foods, cost efficient meals & great health treats…. THE SUMMER IS COMING & we’re all idiots if we don’t get this shit in order NOW !!! @60DaysOfFitness #60DaysOfFitness”

Game's fitness challenge

Game breaks down his foods from Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 8 below:

Day 1 starts off with a cleanse to get your body going, Game writes:

“Starting a brand new cleanse today with Lori & all the good folks over at @juicecjuice….. You know how it takes us to motivate each other to get back on out clean eating & working out tip & I admit I’ve done a bit of slacking the past few weeks…. But what better day than a Monday…. Summer is 2 months away & @60DaysOfFitness is about to be back in full swing starting NOW!!!!!”

He adds:

“If you live in the Los Angeles area, head over to 940 east Dominguez drive suite K, Carson, Ca 90746 & ask for Lori & tell her I sent you. If you live elsewhere, use this post as motivation & let’s get our shit together before the summer hit…. Now… I’m off to the gym, what yo lazy ass bout to do???”

The Game 60 Days of Fitness Challenge

Game asks:

“Day 2/60: lunch.. Bomb ass Chicken salad & a super green apple, celery, cucumber, kale, mustard greens, spinach, ginger & garlic spiked with a lil lemon added juice…. All courtesy of my favorite @juicecjuice thanks to Lori……. FOLLOW @juicecjuice for food, recipe ideas & just tips on how to get your @60DaysOfFitness going for you !!! Me & @b.motiv8ed will help you stay focused in the gym….. @juicecjuice will get you right at home…. I’m with you, 58 days left until summer…. I’ll be ready, will you ???”

The Game 60 Days of Fitness Challenge

He says:

“Day 5 lunch: Grilled chicken & vegetables @60DaysOfFitness team, don’t let the weekend disrupt your focus.”

The Game 60 Days of Fitness Challenge

For Day 8 Games suggests this for breakfast:

“My Day 8/60 breakfast: warm Quinoa with strawberries, cranberries & shaved coconut… You gotta try it !!! Simple, easy to make, & affordable…..”

The Game 60 Days of Fitness Challenge

Are you ready to take on Game’s fitness challenge with the 60 Days of Fitness Challenge?

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