Why Gigi Hadid Loves To Plank Into Shape

Gigi Hadid Interviews while doing a Planking Workout


Gigi Hadid can surely hold a plank position. The sexy model had a motivational interview with her trainer while holding herself in a plank position.

Find out what CelebNHealth247.com has learned about Gigi Hadid and her interview with her trainer…

Why Gigi Hadid Loves To Plank Into Shape

Gigi Hadid is the model and brand ambassador for Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign.

You go, Gigi, that’s how you plank girl!

Her interview is with her trainer, Rob Piela of Gotham gym.
Gigi is empowered by a special quote:

“My stepdad always told me that good is the enemy of the great. There’s always room to get better.”

If you want a perfect plank, trainer Louie Antonio Antuna says you need to focus:

“When you’re talking and not paying attention, or getting tired, the body seeks the least path of resistance. That’s just human instinct.”

In the interview, it shows Gigi Hadid working hard as her bottom going up in the air. He said:

“Arching up shows you’re tired. It’s the way to rest when in a plank.”

It appears that Gigi has inspired others to want to do the plank exercise. Antuna continued:

“It’s popular and it’s overused, but it’s not going to get you abs.”

He added:

“They’re safe because there’s not a lot of movement in the hips or spine. More than anything, the plank will get you to understand how to work your core. It’s not a lower back exercise. You want to feel it in your midsection and abdomen.”

The trainer explained that:

“Any exercise that you’re doing over a long time, you’re going to try to find rest. It’s not right or wrong, but just be sure to get back into the proper form. The longer you hold a plank, doesn’t lead to more aesthetically pleasing abs.”

If the plank exercise is what you want, then see if these tips work for you below:

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