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Hailey Bieber Launching Her Own Beauty Line

Hailey Bieber Launching Her Own Beauty Line

Justin Beiber’s wife and 22-year-old model Hailey Bieber are launching her own beauty line.

Continue on to get more info on Hailey Bieber who filed paperwork to release a line of cosmetics and skincare products under the brand name Bieber Beauty

Hailey Bieber Launching Her Own Beauty reports that Hailey Bieber is the latest celebrity to join the grown list of cosmetics and skincare products in the market place.

The ‘Drop The Mic’ host also filed for a trademark for ‘Hailey Bieber‘ and ‘Hailey Baldwin‘ registered both names for her clothing brands last year.

Now, Hailey Bieber is doing the same for her new line of cosmetics and skincare products under the brand name Bieber Beauty.

Hailey hasn’t given any clues of what the much-anticipated beauty and skincare line will entail. Though, she did say that her mother, Kennya Baldwin, instilled the importance of a good skin regime in her from such a young age.

Mrs. Bieber opened up about her earliest beauty memory saying:

Probably just rummaging through my mom’s makeup as a kid and trying to do my own makeup with things I found. My mom was always super big on moisturizing, too.

Hailey talks why she’s Launching Bieber Beauty cosmetics and skincare products:

She went on about her mom not letting her “get out of the shower or the bath without lathering me in lotion.” Hailey remembers that she “hated it” but these days she is “thankful for now because I have soft skin.”

Hailey admits now that she is older that she won’t “get out of the bath or shower without lathering lotion all over.” She adds, “I use a lot of oils, like coconut oil.”

As we get some idea of what her cosmetics and skincare products may consist of, she goes on to say, “I try to use things that I don’t think are going to be too harmful or fragrance-y.”

Though she notes that she “prefers natural fragrances because your skin is the biggest organ of your body.” Bieber’s wife adds that “everything you’re putting into your skin is super important.”

At night Hailey is “crazy” about her skincare and has a specific routine that she follows every evening. She says, “I’m starting to get better about wearing SPF every day.” She admits “I was never really good at that. I’m crazy about my skin at night. Every night, it’s a routine.”

In closing, Hailey says that “There’s never not been a scenario where I haven’t taken my makeup off before going to sleep.” She shares, “I could have been doing all of the things and I still would have managed to take it off.”

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