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How OT Genasis Workout Keeps His Butt Looking So Good

How OT Genasis Keeps His Butt Looking So Good

Rapper OT Genasis keeps his body tight, but we have to admit he is one sexy brotha and ladies you know the “Cut It” rapper butt is sexy.

Read on to check out OT Genasis workout and squats exercise that keeps his body banging… gives props to Odis Oliver Flores best know as rapper OT Genasis for his dedication in the gym.

OT Genasis workout is all about dedication, and focus.

The 32-year-old Atlanta native keeps his 1 million fans up-to-date on his fitness and exercise plan.

He recently posted his squats exercise (as seen above) saying:


In another post, OT Genasis workout gives you a look at the LBC based rapper and his fitness regiment. OT points out that he his has been dropping weight and getting cut and in shape.

When it comes to fitness the Long Beach, California rapper and Conglomerate member takes his workout regimen and fitness serious, he writes:

Mind. Body . Soul …Oh and btw I was 197lbs I’m now 185Lbs …No excuses


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