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Jenifer Lewis Wants to Help Kanye West with Bipolar Disorder

Jenifer Lewis Wants to Help Kanye West with Bipolar Disorder

Jenifer Lewis can truly understand Kanye West and where he is in his life dealing with his bipolar disorder diagnoses.

She too was in disbelief and denial after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Recently, Jenifer Lewis has become transparent about her diagnosis, but she’s learned how to cope with it. Read on…

CelebNHealth247.com previously told you about that Jenifer Lewis recently released he memoir, “The Mother of Black Hollywood,” which gets its name from the myriad roles in which she has played mom.

In that memoir, Jenifer Lewis spoke on her early years and how she refused to take medication until a self-described nervous breakdown left her convulsing in sobs.

Kanye West is on the same path as Jenifer Lewis but he just can’t see that. Ye‘s continual refusal to take his medications is making him look utterly foolish to the world.

His wife Kim Kardashian West recently admitted that she finds her husband Kanye West‘s political activity “exhausting” at times, she’s still trying to embrace its silver lining.

She told Alec Baldwin on his new talk show:

I let [Kanye] be who he wants to be… I let him have his own views and opinions, even if they’re different from mine.

We get it, he’s too much for her, but she should try to do more and she is NOT. Looking the other way is NOT how you help someone you love. #SMH

Thankfully, Black-ish star Jennifer Lewis wants to help Kanye West. She explains:

Part of the disorder is not wanting to tame the mania. The high is so high and it feels great, but it’s dangerous. It’s so dangerous.

Unfortunately, Kanye doesn’t realize that his refusal to take the medication is a direct effect of bipolar disorder.

In actuality, he is never thinking with a clear mind, and that is what Lewis wants to help him with. She reveals that Ye’s team wants her to meet with him and hopefully get through to West.

She adds:

They are going to try to get me in a room with him when he gets back from Uganda. And all I can tell everyone is that I will do my best.

Everyone cross your fingers.

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