Jim Jones

Jim Jones Shows You His 30 Days of Fitness


Have you ever asked yourself how does Jim Jones keep his sexy self in shape? Well Jim Jones Shows You His 30 Days of Fitness and how he stays fit…his workout is no joke!

Checkout Jim Jones workout on the flip…

Jim Jones

When it comes to hitting the gym the Dipset rapper stays on top of his game with a real raw and hardcore workout at the gym!

As you can see summer is coming and everyone is getting in shape to go shirtless when hitting the stage or hanging out for some summer fun. Capo is doing his #30daychallenge on the East coast while Game is doing his #60dayChallenge on the West. Capo kicks things off with pull ups, but he adds two sets of chains to weigh him down and increase his strength.

Take a look at his Motivation Monday workout:

Monday motivation #wakeupPeople #incaseUDidnt I’m warming up for u #vampfitt #gaingang #gains #vl

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After the pull ups, Jones heads to his next routine. Jim does three sets of dips with hip raises to increase his upper body strength. That is why he has a sold frame.


#MondayMotivation #incaseUDidnt I did some dips #vampfitt #gains

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Capo follows his upper body workout with biceps for his #30daychallenge. He adds an additional tip for increasing upper arm strength by working his curls without having his feet on the ground.

Jim says:

“I did back n arms today and the #GainTeeshirts u see me wearing will b on sale on Thursday for 2 days only will post more info later on where u can get it from #gains #gaingang #vampfitt #30daychallenge day 7.”

Take a look:

Jim Jones explains how to get #Vampfit doing shoulder boulders, writing:

“me n @de_cafe1 did core n #shoulderboulders today #gains #gaingang #vampfitt the #gains tee-shirt u see me wearing will b available for purchase starting tomorrow online for 2 days only 3 color ways get them while u can will post info up next #vampfitt”


The next day Jim Jones shows his Leg workout. He revealed that “we did legs today I hate it and love it at the same time.” Yes ladies this is why Jim has that sexy back side that makes you say MmmHmm!

If you thought bench pressing 250lbs was hard check Jones adding additonal 100lbs with some heavy chains. He writes:

“We did full body today heavy weight.”

#IncaseYouDidnt we did full body today heavy weight #gain #gaingang #vampfitt

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After bench press, Jones moves on to core and trust us this is some real hardcore ish.

Jim writes:

“We did core today I though I had it that shit is way harder than it looks.”

#IncaseYouDidnt we did core today I though I had it tht shit is way harder then it looks #gains #gaingang #vampfitt

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Jim says, “he told me put this in the routine.” These types of flies are great to increase the definition on the chest and the sides:

Oh yeah, Capo doesn’t just do normal push ups, he adds an additional 100lbs on his back.

Check it:

#IncaseYouDidnt we had to warm up right #gains #vampfitt

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There you have it. Jim Jones is serious about his workout, but let’s be honest. NOt only is he fine, his body is banging., which makes him one of the sexiest rapper in the game.

This is for the ladies, because you know Jim Jones needs a shower after a hard workout.

Jim Jones

Here are some pics of the Vamp Life creator, Jim Jones for y’all:

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