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How Jim Jones Workout Keeps His Body VampFit at 42

How Jim Jones Keeps His Body VampFit at 42

Jim Jones continues to keep his body in tip top shape and superbly muscled. At 42-years-old the Dipset rapper states that he’s a work in progress, but we can admit he’s Vampfit!

What does Jim Jones do to keep his body fit? Read on to see Jim Jones Workout...

How Jim Jones Keeps His Body VampFit at has the latest from Jim Jones who is one of our favorite rappers. Not only does Capo have a banging body, he keeps the sex appeal on 1000!

The Harlem, Manhattan native and Aruban/Puerto Rican is one of the sexiest rappers in hip-hop and we have to say nobody can touch him when it comes to undeniable sexiness.

How does Capo keep his body so tight and muscled?

Well here are a few of  Jim Jones workout that keep him looking so good.

Jimmy recently had this to say about staying fit:

Weighing in at 208 lbs a work in progress #incaseyoudidnt next 30days I’m working on my food in taking n diet not trying to get slim gonna to build more muscle n leaner heavy core #vampfitt

Check out rapper Jim Jones Workout below:

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