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Julia Michaels: People Should ”Talk” About Their Problems

Julia Michaels: People Should ''Talk'' About Their Problems

When it comes to ‘Anxiety’ singer Julia Michaels, she believes that it’s “important” that people “talk” about their problems.

Julia Michaels, 25, released her new single ‘Anxiety’ last week which deals with the subject of mental health which Julia has battled since she was a teenager. Continue on…

Julia Michaels: People Should ''Talk'' About Their ProblemsCelebNHealth247.com reports that Julia Michaels says these days that she is “talking to friends” and going to therapy has really helped her in her mission to improve her mental wellbeing.

We believe that talking out your problems, fears and anxieties are healthy for the mind, compartmentalizing everything is not good for the mind and just builds stress.

Julia Michaels, she explains:

I went to therapy. Talking to friends really helps. Also rationalizing with myself. I think, ‘Okay, why do I feel like this?’ and try to link it to something. A lot of people feel like a burden when they talk about their problems or like they have to suppress it. It’s important for people to know they’re not alone.

Michaels music reflects her personal battles. The ‘Issues’ hitmaker insists she knows how ”scary” it can be to open up to someone else, but says she’s proud her own fanbase is ”connected” so she can speak her mind and know she has masses of support.

She adds:

It’s always scary when you’re talking about the fact that you’re flawed. But my fanbase is pretty open, and that’s a big thing for us – feeling connected and feeling heard.

Julia opened up about dealing with her bad days when it comes to her anxiety. She explains how she doesn’t want to live in “fear.”

She concludes:

Some days it’s really bad and some days it’s not. I had a really horrible day in Phoenix right before I went on stage on the Red Pill Blues tour and had to go out there, and let’s just say singing after you hysterically cry is a really interesting thing to do. So, some days it hits me more than others, but I’m learning and growing and constantly trying to change parts of me that are ruled by fear … There’ll be a lot of stuff about that [breakup] and also about new love and new feelings and about anxiety and depression and all of the things that pertain to my life on a very personal level.

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