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Nooo, Did Kanye West Go Blonde?

Noooo, Did Kanye West Go Blonde?

Kanye West is back in the public eye. The artist who recently had a mental breakdown on his tour, resurfaced with a whole new look at PDC. The Yeezus sighting took place on Thursday night in Los Angeles!!!

Flip and checkout Kanye West and his new blonde hair…

Noooo, Did Kanye West Go Blonde? find it interesting that the ‘Life of Pablo’ rapper Kanye West was spotted at an art installation at the Pacific Design Center.

Isn’t this what Amanda Bynes did after her meltdown?

We guess he is following the hip hop trend of blonde hair, since Chris Brown and a slew of rappers tend to copy each others looks. The originality is just so shockingly low, when it comes to appearances these days it almost depressing. What happened to having your own identity. And luckily for Kanye West probably has a few (allegedly). Just kidding…Not!

Just think, two weeks ago he suffered a meltdown on stage, the his lyrics were in question. He missed Thanksgiving since he was hospitalized. They kept him on a longer hold, and the he checked himself out last week. Now he pops up at the PDC?

Hmmm, we wonder if the tour promoters and the insurance is paying close attention to his moves?

Unlike most people who suffer from a breakdown, we find it interesting that Kanye is back out and about like there is nothing wrong.

Word has it he’s been inspired by this recent life changing ordeal, much like his near fatal car accident in 2002. And like then, when he ended up recording his hit “Through The Wire” during his mouth-wiring recovery, he’s been using his downtime to create more music.

Noooo, Did Kanye West Go Blonde?


In addition, TMZ reports:

“Ye built a temporary studio in [Kim & Kanye’s] Bel-Air mansion so he can have the privacy he needs to get healthy, while also making new music as ideas come to him.”

Reportedly, he’s in such a creative space that he may have an album’s worth of new material. Apparently, there’s always time for an image reinvention. Personally we are NOT feeling Kanye’s blonde ambition tour. Leave that look to Madonna please, and even Chris Brown. It works for them.

Do you feel that Kanye’s recovery is a seemingly too quick??? And what do you think about his blonde hair? Too old?

We guess if Kim can go blonde so can Yeezus?


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