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Kanye West Fighting Paranoia; Ye Won’t Let Doctors Touch Him

Kanye West Fighting Paranoia; Ye Won't Let Doctors Touch Him

This is more than just dehydration and exhaustion! Kanye West psychological break is worse, Kanye West is fighting Paranoia. In addition, Ye won’t let doctors touch him!!!

Flip and find out what’s going with Kanye West Fighting Paranoia…if you ask us, its sounding like schizophrenia…

Kanye West Fighting Paranoia; Ye Won't Let Doctors Touch Him

According to insiders, The Life of Pablo rapper has reportedly been dealing with paranoia all week. In addition to being “profoundly depressed,” his paranoia has taken over.

The big picture is coming together, now that Kanye West has been hospitalized. His 5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold) has been extended. Kanye West is now on a 5250 (involuntary psychiatric hold), but he is not getting any better at this time. If Kanye doesn’t show improvement in the next 14 days, the next hold is a 5270 hold. A 5270 allows for a patient to be held for an additional 30 days and can be initiated following a 14-day 5250 hold.

It sounds like Kanye is heading that direction at this time, but there is no confirmation. We will keep you posted on his health.

Kanye West Fighting Paranoia and Depression details:

TMZ reports:

When West was taken to the hospital on Monday, he was sure that even the doctors were out to get him, and for a time, he wouldn’t even let medical personnel touch him or care for him. Kanye has been Paranoid for months, which has largely became the reason for Kanye’s hospitalization.

The goal is to get Kanye back home by Monday, and place him back under the care of his personal doctor, but it’s NOT looking like that will happen.

Could Kanye West be suffering from Schizophrenia?

He NEEDS to be in the hospital or a psychiatric hospital where they he can rest and work on getting his mind back. He has all the symptoms of a schizophrenic breakdown. Though there is no word that he is being other people. What we have learned is that Ye is paranoid, depressed and fearful of his life.

Paranoia is scary and Mental illness is NOTHING to mess with. We understand the family wants him home, but a personal doctor would NOT be the person to help Kanye. Kanye NEEDS around the clock doctors until his mind calms and he is no longer paranoid.

Get well soon, Kanye.

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