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Kevin Hart Transforms Flab into Fantastic Abs

Kevin Hart Transforms Flab into Fantastic Abs

Kevin Hart has always been a sexy chocolate drop, but now Hollywood hunk Hart has transformed his flab in to fantastic abs!

Take a look at what Kevin Hart and his Ab-tastic self…

Kevin Hart Transforms Flab into Fantastic Abs

You might ask, what has Kevin Hart done to get so fit and how did he get such tight abs? Well he’s spending a lot of his time in the gym.

Hart has made a habit of posting his workouts to Instagram, which have included foot drills, pushups, pullups, and one-legged leg presses. And by the looks of it, he’s been focusing on his core, too. Hart recently posted a “Transformation Thursday” photo showing off the results of his dedication.

Hart writes:

“The only time that you look back in life is to see far you’ve come.”

He looks amazing, Here is a before and after of Kevin now:

Kevin Hart Transforms Flab into Fantastic Abs

Here is what fitness trainer,Ron Boss Everline, had to say about Kevin Hart’s transformation:

“It’s a lifestyle! @kevinhart4real No day is the same. The road to new challenges lies ahead. We won’t stop here. There is much more greatness to achieve. Just Train your mind and you’re body will follow. Our JustTrain program launches in 12 days! Get ready!”


Other inspirational men in Hollywood are The Game with his 60 Days of Fitness, or  Jim Jones with his 30 Days of fitness and more.

For more information on how to get in shape for your own Shirtless summer workout plan check out Ron Boss Everline: Shirtless Summer Workout.

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