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Kevin Smith is Newest Ambassador for Weight Watchers

Kevin Smith is Newest Ambassador for Weight Watchers

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith suffered a heart attack. Now, two months later the writer, director, the actor is back to work but he’s 26lbs lighter.

Well, Smith is the new face of Weight Watchers. Find out how Kevin Smith is “trying to be my own hero”

Kevin Smith is Newest Ambassador for Weight WatchersIn February, CelebNHealth247.com reported that the extraordinary writer, director, actor Kevin Smith revealed via Twitter that he had a massive heart attack.

Kevin Smith health scare happened during his stand up shows in Glendale, CA which is extremely scary.

Now, 2 month after his massive heart attack, Kevin revealed that he lost over 26lbs.

Smith, 47, tweeted.:

Down 26 pounds today! Started March 8th and now four weeks later, I’ve lost a small child worth of weight! Doc told me to lose 50 lbs. and I’m now over halfway to that goal!

He added:

Ironically, this heart attack was the best thing that ever happened to my health!

The Clerks star is losing weight with the mono diet that helped Penn Jillette drop over 100 lbs. The plan recommends eating only potatoes for the first two weeks, and then adding in salads and vegetables over the next three months.

Kevin recently appeared on Today announcing he’s the latest celebrity to join Weight Watchers arsenal of celebrities that includes Oprah, and DJ Khaled.

Smith took to social media writing:

Yesterday on the @todayshow, I announced that I’ve been selected as a @weightwatchers Ambassador! The 14 year old me who weighed-in weekly at the church on the highway in Atlantic Highlands cannot believe it! But back then, I was shamed into quitting the program. Even though I was getting results, some of my 1984 friends made fun of me for being the only guy in the #weightwatchers room who wasn’t someone’s Mom. But it’s a way different story today! When the news broke that I’m a #wwambassador, there was nothing but support from family, friends and fans, both old and new!

He continued:

I heard from high school buddies who are like “Been on WW for 2 years! It works!” What a difference 34 years makes! So adolescent me was too scared to stick with a good thing, but old-ass me? He knows Weight Watchers is how he’s gonna save his life while still eating some foods that he loves! Feel like a #wwambassadorwannabe amongst my fellow ambassadors @oprah or @djkhaled, but I’m happy to be in the family!

He concluded by saying if you want to lose weight like him click HERE:

If you wanna follow my story as I try to lose 30 more pounds click the link in my bio! #KevinSmith #weightlossjourney #wwfreestyle #weightwatchers #losingweight

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