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Khalid Suffers from Social Anxiety

Khalid Suffers from Social Anxiety

Singer/songwriter Khalid has revealed that he suffers from social anxiety and admitted it can affect him when he is meeting fans or before he goes on stage.

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Khalid Suffers from Social AnxietyCelebNHealth247.com reports that Khalid, 20, opened up to his fans on Twitter about the “overwhelming” disorder admitting that social anxiety has been extremely hard to deal with.

Khalid explains that social anxiety disorder is a long-lasting and an overwhelming fear of being judged, negatively evaluated. He has a fear of being rejected in a social or performance situation.

In a joking manner Khalid tried to face his fear head before going on to engage with fans about his issues, Tweeting:

Shoutout to social anxiety haha!

Khalid Donnel Robinson, known mononymously as Khalid, explains:

It’s something I’ve gained I feel like. Making friends used to be so easy and sh*t now I’m like… let me just go home. it’s also maintenance haha I feel like I miss out on a lot by never wanting to go out (sic).

When one fan asked if meeting fans set off his social anxiety, he replied:

Just depends on the environment! Meeting someone 1 v 1 is easier for me than meeting and talking to someone in front of hella people. going out in public is a little hard, being recorded non-stop, everyone staring at you and sh*t (sic).

Another fan insisted that he signed up for the celebrity life, and that was something he needed to get over, the Aquarius baby (born February 11, 98) replied:

It’s “Actually, my life is mine lol come on now. don’t do that.”

What he did before his shows was:

I used to! Only before I walk on stage. I love interacting with everyone.

Khalid also admitted that he used to get extremely nervous before heading out on stage. He revealed that he has managed to get it under control now thanks to the support from his fellow celebrities. Missy Elliot weighed in supporting him by saying, “Anxiety is real… I know.”

Even Bebe Rexha insisted she would be there for him if he would just reply to her texts saying to him:

I feel you… Respond to my texts! And you’ll have a friend (sic).

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