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Kim Zolciak Loves Her Botox and Fillers

Kim Zolciak

The Don’t Be Tardy reality star Kim Zolciak had no problems showing off her latest cosmetic proceedures. Kim Zolciak made sure to plug Dr Kassabian, the reason she flies to LA for a little Botox and Fillers!!!

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Kim Zolciak has the latest on the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak who was spotted with her lips looking like Goldie Hawn’s in First Wives Club?

Kim…it’s a bit too much?

Kim is especially open when it comes to plastic surgery and other cosmetic tweaks. Not only has she admitted to getting things done. Kim Zolciak-Biermann decided to document her visit to a plastic surgeon, Dr Kassabian of Beverly Hills via Snapchat because why not? Yeah, I think that’s a little much, but Kim is a little much and that is why her fans love her. A couple of days later, Kim is not waiting for anything to settle. Instead she took to Snapchat again to show off her results

Before she took to Instagram and Snapchat, Kim and the family were stopped by TMZ cameras for a Q&A session by her daughter Brielle.

Brielle fired off a couple of rounds of questions to Kim about her visit to Los Angeles and she had no problem talking about her Botox and fillers. But when it came to her two new reality series she was working on, Kim kept her restylane lips locked!

Brielle turned to stepdad Kroy Biermann about his future in the NFL and all he did was stare at her. She moved on to her little brother and he put his head down. Obviously, nobody wanted to talk about nothing!


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What do you think of Kim’s face? Too much Botox and Fillers? Would you date a woman who get Botox and Fillers all the time?

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