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Kofi Siriboe: 15 HOT HOT HOT Irresistible Photos

Kofi Siriboe: 15 HOT HOT HOT Irresistible Photos

Who is Hollywood’s newest heartthrob? Who is this gorgeous man named Kofi Siriboe? Well, if you saw the summer comedy hit Girls Trip with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish then you already know about Malik (Kofi Siriboe).

The chocolate drop, Kofi Siriboe is HOT HOT HOT and we have 15 mouthwatering reasons why. Read on…

Kofi Siriboe: 15 HOT HOT HOT Irresistible Photos has another celeb with a bangin body, and this time its the 23-year-old Kofi Siriboe.

Kofi Siriboe has all the ladies dreaming of finding a hunk like Malik in Girls Trip. But Malik is actually Hollywood’s newest eye candy, Kofi Siriboe.

You may remember that Siriboe was first spotted on HBO’s Entourage. He was also in Straight Outta Compton, Kiks and the TV series Queen Sugar. He was also in the summer hit series, Snowfall on FX Network.

Kofi Siriboe: 15 HOT HOT HOT Irresistible Photos

Who is this hunk best known as Kofi?

Siriboe is an American actor whose works have spanned theatre, film, and television. He is most notable for his role as Javy Hall in the Fred Durst directed movie ‘The Longshots’.

The Ghanaian native is one of three brothers, Kwame Boateng and Kwesi Boakye, who are also actors. If that is not enough, he was born on March 2 of 1994. He is a Pisces, a sun sign.

Kofi Siriboe: 15 HOT HOT HOT Irresistible Photos


Here are some things to know about a male Pisces:

  • Good Day: Romantic, helpful, wise, comforting, imaginative
  • Bad Day: Gullible, self-pitying, out of touch with reality, self-destructive, clingy
  • Favorite Things: Dancing, romantic encounters, laughing and crying, walks on the beach, long poetic letters

Now we don’t know is Kofi possesses any of those traits but if so, this helps you understand him a bit more.

Here are our HOT HOT HOT Mouth-watering photos of Kofi Siriboe:

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