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Kylie Jenner Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial is Everything

Kylie Jenner Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial is Everything

Kylie Jenner beats a full face of makeup while waxing poetic to the camera. There are plenty of similarities between sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian’s beauty brands, but Kylie feels all cosmetics need to be celebrated.

Continue on to get the latest makeup tips on how to beat your face like Kylie Jenner and her Tutorial video…

Kylie Jenner Eye Shadow Palette Tutorial is has the latest from the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star Kylie Jenner who can be seen in this new beauty tutorial with Vogue on how to beat your face before you head out.

In a continual effort to defend her Lip Kits, Kylie Jenner shows how to contour your eyes to give them that perfect Kardashian/Jenner look. We have previously spoken on the youngest KUWTK sister and what works for her.

In the video, she details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) Meanwhile, the new millennial mommy reveals that she’s still undecided over exactly when she’ll let Stormi wear makeup. Of course, there is one thing she is sure of is her and KKW’s supportive role in each other’s lives.

Kylie says:

Me and Kim do not compete. A lot of people think we might, but we really like making completely different products and both enjoy each other’s stuff. The more makeup the better.

Take a look at the video provided by Vogue and Kylie Jenner below:

For more makeup tips, Kylie also posted this video on her Instagram. She explains that Kylie Jenner Cosmetics “combines Maple and Himalaya Skin Concealers to create a flawless, skin-like finish! Lighten, brighten, conceal and contour with our #SkinConcealers and get 2 for $30 right now on the site!”

What Kylie Jenner’s tutorial everything like we said? Did she help answer all your makeup questions?

One thing we love about Kylie is that she is all about her product. She cares and wants everyone who buys her cometic like to really get the most out of each look she or he creates.


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