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Lil Mo Speaks On Toxic Relationships Caused Opioid Addiction

Lil Mo Speaks On Toxic Relationships Caused Opioid Addiction

Lil Mo Speaks On Toxic Relationships Caused Opioid Addiction!

The former Love & Hip Hop star explains that her drug addiction was tied to her abusive marriage. Continue on to learn more on Lil Mo Opioid Addiction …

CelebNHealth247.com reports that a domestic abuse and drug addiction survivor, singer Lil Mo embodies the message of her first hit single, “Superwoman.”

Lil Mo has been vulnerable with fans and followers about leaving her most recent ex-husband, professional boxer Karl Dugan.

Mo explains in an interview with DJ Quick Silva, that during a violent disagreement, Karl spat on her.

In a new sit-down with The Breakfast Club, Mo says that the incident was the last straw.

Lil Mo says that the abuse she endured went hand-in-hand with her opioid addiction:

You could feel the toxicity. And I used to hate going home. And I knew the amount of opioids I was taking just to start my day. I was just like, ‘Nah. This not me.’


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Full interview is up now.

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She continued, detailing the incident with Karl.

Lil Mo explains:

All I remember is he was acting like he was gon’ spit on me again, and I said, ‘We not doin’ that. Like, I will f*ck you up in this house.’ And I knew as long as we was on the first level of the house somebody could hear us, ’cause we had a condo in Philly. And sure enough, somebody said there was a disturbance going on upstairs…so that n*gga was like, ‘I’ll blow your f*ckin’ head off! I’ll throw you over this balcony and I’ll kill you dead!’ So I was acting like I was gonna call somebody, and he grabbed my phone, threw it at the wall, and went and punched that wall. And I was just thinking, ‘If I can get this door open, I’m out.’ And I ran, and my manager was on house arrest…surely enough, that’s who saved my life

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