Does A Man's Size Matter In the Bedroom

Does A Man’s Size Matter In the Bedroom


I know some women do not feel the same when it comes down to size… So here is the million dollar question…Does A Man’s Size Matter In the Bedroom?

Find out what we are talking when it comes to a Man’s Size Matter In the Bedroom on the flip…

Does A Man's Size Matter In the Bedroom

One of my best friends and I ended up sleeping with the same man for years apart and his size matter… Or did it?

Now, I do not want to pick on the guy, but let’s just say he wasn’t delivering the goods. He did make up for it in other ways, but he was a bit unpredictable in the service department.  It would have been a ‘no’ for me.  The sex was not an E-ticket attraction so on to the next!  However, my friend seemed content with him.

So, Does Size Matter in The Bedroom?

I want to believe that if you love someone size doesn’t matter, but unfortunately I think it does. Think of it like the Little Red Riding Hood story… the porridge was either too hot or too cold.  We all are looking for something that’s just right.  What justifies ‘just right’ or the ‘perfect fit’?

It’s a two-way street for both sexes as for the man with the larger cucumber who may not feel as satisfied and I know many men who truly want to please their lady. If sex is not possible or just too much for the lady to handle, it can strain the relationship.

I am not trying to condone sex before marriage, but after a certain age, I think it’s important to check the merchandise. Who wants to get married only to be disappointed?

Which leads me to my Mom who was only with one man, my father. Now, my Dad was a Casanova, he knew he wanted my mom, so it was a match made in heaven. They met, married and raised a family. My mom never experience sex with anyone else. Now twenty-three years after my father passed, my mom admits that she wished she would have explored the jungles of the anaconda, but she says it’s too late.

The ways of the past to current day sex, are so different. Being with one man rarely exist today. I have ventured the jungles of the anaconda, the plains of the rattler and had a few burritos along the way.  What does this mean?  I’m a kielbasa girl. I like my man to serve grade-A meat seasoned.

When it comes to a man’s size matter in the bedroom , take a look at The Game, who is notorious to let women know what he is working with.

The Game Eggplant - Does A Man's Size Matter In the Bedroom

Check out Game’s eggplant pics here

Being an Italian woman, I’m opinionated and selective, but when it comes to other nationalities the size spectrum differs. Indian men, tend to be the size of the hot dogs you buy in the store, African-American, and most men of color lean toward the banana clip. Asian men tend to be those cocktail wieners that are served at parties. While Europe, North America and Australia usually fall in the middle with African-American and Indian men; this according to King’s College in London that documented the average penis.

Depending on whom you ask and whatever culture you talk to, it really depends on the woman and her preference. Cosmo did a case study (96%women, 4% men; between the ages of 18 and 34) And just so we don’t leave you hanging… 89% said they weren’t worried about their man’s penis size. When asked how they’d classify their partner’s joystick, (56%) said “average.” Another 33% thought their partner’s shlong was on the large side.

FUN FACT: When it comes to does size matter in the bedroom, Race is often a topic of conversation with respect to penis size but the data shows only modest variation. But thanks to a test study of 1,661 men, the average erect penis is about 5.5 (14 cm) long, ranging from 1.6 inches (4cm) long to 10.2 inches (26 cm).

Does size matter to you?

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