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Mariahlynn Reveals Sky Told Her Where to Get Breast Implants

Mariahlynn Reveals Sky Told Her Where to Get Breast Implants

If you’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop 7, then you may have noticed that MariahLynn has small breast.

Well Mariahlynn is changing it up, and getting breast implants with Dr Miami, the same doctor that Sky from Black Ink Crew went to. Read on…

Mariahlynn sat down with Dr Miami to talk about getting breast implants and how to measure a woman to give her the right size.

MariahLynn sat down for a one on one interview to chop it up while having a consultation with Dr. Miami, the go to man for breast implants.

The Love & Hip Hop bombshell admits that she wants the surgery so her breasts can sit up and she NEVER has to wear a bra again.

Dr. Miami says he wants to bring her up to a full C cup. During the interview, Mariahlynn also implied that she gets made fun of for her smaller derriere, and that’s when she and Dr. Miami spoke about making it larger. Dr. Miami suggested that Mariahlynn should gain 5-10 pounds in order to do the procedure.


He also talks about a procedure to make you taller. It cost $90k. They break your femor a place a rod in your leg, then over a period of three months they slowly extend you leg. It can make 3 – 4 inches taller. #OMG #NOWAY

Watch the full interview below:

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