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Meet Mel B’s Hunk Trainer/Model Donald Dromain

Meet Scary Spice Hunk Trainer Donald Dromain

Meet Spice Girl Mel B’s aka Scary Spice Hunk Trainer and model Donald Dromain.

Donald Dromain is easy on the eyes, but we are featuring him because he got Mel B in shape for the Spice Girls tour and she looks A-Mazing! Continue on to meet Barry’s Bootcamp curriculum mentor/instructor Donald Dromain


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Body/endurance conditioning done for the day #boom #bodyready #spicetour #1monthtogo @spicegirls #nofilter

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CelebNHealth247.com reports that Barry’s Bootcamp curriculum mentor/instructor Donald Dromain is the man you want to work you out and snap you back in shape.

Barry’s Bootcamp is the original strength & cardio interval workout. An immersive, high-energy workout that’s as effective as it is fun. We can tell that Donald Dromain is the man to get anyone into shape.

It is pride month and if you want to start getting your heart pumping right then sign up for classes here…

Meet Scary Spice Hunk Trainer Donald Dromain

Mel B raves about her man Donald Dromain and he supports all her efforts.

The cutie who loves to take photos with his mouth wide open and tongue out said this about his main girl Mel.

Meet Scary Spice Hunk Trainer Donald Dromain

Donald Dromain had this to say about Mel B’s drive:

Determined, tough, and a fighter are just a couple of words that describe this amazing soul. Four months ago we started a journey together to get ready for the tour and I could have never imagined the friend and family I would have gained in this woman. From 5 am in the park, to running in sauna suits and elevation masks, to endless amounts of laughing I couldn’t be more grateful for you.  I feel like I’m sending my child off all grown up and I can’t wait to see you shine on stage. You worked SO HARD, even on the toughest days, and you deserve it all because you earned it.  All My Love ??

Dromain said:

The Scary to my Crazy! Flew halfway across the world to support this one and see all our work pay off and on stage. When friends become family it’s magic! Love you to the moon and back!

Meet Scary Spice Hunk Trainer Donald Dromain

Donald recently turned 32, so he took to social media to thank his family and friends who supported him:

Turning 32 and I feel nothing but gratitude for those in my life. This past year has been filled with so much love and joy and I just want to express my thanks. To my husband who has been the perfect partner and has allowed me to grow as an individual and has grown beside me as well. To my family who have never come up short on love and encouragement. To my twin (happy birthday!!) who always is looking out for me. To my friends who are always always there and add so much to my world by being a light in my life and having such huge hearts. And to my Barry’s family (those I work with and those that come to class) for creating a space and support system that has helped me grow and mature more than I thought possible. All the love is felt ??

Take a look at the mouth-watering photos of Donald Dromain below:

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