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Why Men with Beards Are So Hot

Why Men with Beards Are So Hot

OK ladies you might need some alone time with these guys because they are not only roughed but they’re sexy Men with Beards!!!

Flip and see why these men made our top 20 men with beards and why they are so hot…

Why Men with Beards Are So Hot

You might ask yourself why is it that a man with a beard just makes you tingle all over. Is it the brawn of his beard or does it make him more masculine?

It sounds like it is time to toss out your razors, gentlemen, but make sure that you take steps to keep your beard in good shape. Nobody likes a sloppy or ugly beard.

We feel it depends on the man himself, but a guy with a well kept beard is always hot to look at and kiss on. The only thing a man with a beard needs to do is have good hygiene. A woman that loves a man with a beard wants it to smell nice.

Why Men with Beards Are So Hot

Make sure its brushed and well kept, and oiled to it stays perfectly soft. If you are unsure How to grow a beard, then why not read up on the best beard styles of 2016 to suit you. Movember is just a few days away men. It’s time to get your beard on for winter.

Why Men with Beards Are So Hot

Why Men with Beards Are So Hot?

  1. Here are some, “did you know facts” we researched and found to be a reason Why Men with Beards Are So Hot!
  2. Men who are clean-shaven or who have a light amount of stubble were rated as being the least attractive by women and men.
  3. If you and your female spouse or partner have been trying to conceive or are dealing with intimacy issues, it could be beneficial to grow your facial hair out.
  4. Beards tend to increase levels of attractiveness in your partner’s eyes, which is definitely a good way to boost their sex drive.
  5. Beards are able to block up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and this will reduce your risk of contracting skin cancer, according to the University of Southern Queensland.
  6. Men who suffer from asthma could experience some relief from symptoms by growing a beard. Why is a beard helpful? A beard will help prevent dust and pollen from getting into their respiratory system.
  7. Get this, a full beard can also keep your skin looking healthier and more youthful.

Take a look at why these men make beards so sexy:

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