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Mike Rashid King Training Tips

Mike Rashid King Training Tips

Professional Heavyweight Boxer Mike Rashid King has some training tips!

For those of you who want to gain muscle and bulk up with strength then Mike Rashid King is your man. And if you want to join his Alpha Shred Season 8, registration starts now. Get some of his professional advice on working out. Read on to get a glimpse of Mike Rashid King training…

CelebNHealth247.com has some advice and training tips for those of you out there who are needing guidance in the gym.

Mike Rashid King, professional Heavyweight Boxer, has some great advice when working out on how to gain muscle, mass, and strength. He ever trains rapper Jim Jones who has been looking great these days.

If you want to join his Alpha Shred Season 8, registration starts now and you can do that HERE…

Strict Press ONLY!


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245 lb strict press. I went for 2 but only got 1… next time ? What are y’all training today?

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Chest Day Only:

Additional Tactics:


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This is a glimpse of the additional tactics that I share with my online clients in our private Facebook group…. Outside of daily training and nutrition, I go over the nuances to the training that’s hard to put in a text… Literally everything I have you all doing, I give you video of so you know you’re doing it properly… Also, the specialty stuff, there’s video breaking all of that stuff down as well…. I go all out for my squad, to over deliver the best services possible… I have the squad post videos of them doing movements as well, so that I can make sure they are doing the exercises properly, the right intensity and so on…. I take pride in my work, so I don’t want you signing up and not getting the max out of it…. If you want to be on the squad, and you want grade A guidance with your training and nutrition, I got you… click the link in my bio, or go to: MIKERASHIDTRAINING.COM #MikeRashidTraining #MikeRashid

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Shoulders and Biceps:

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