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Momma Dee Husband Ernest Hospitalized

Momma Dee Husband

Last year Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 5 Momma Dee husband Ernest Bryant were married and now he has been hospitalized according to Momma Dee Instagram account!!!

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Momma Dee‘s Husband Ernest Hospitalized got word that Momma Dee‘s husband Ernest Bryant was hospitalized five days ago due to complications.

Lil Scrappy’s mom Dee took to her Instagram to tell fans that Ernest has suffered a “major health complication” that required medical attention. Her post was vague when it comes to why he was hospitalized.

She writes:

“I’m asking everyone to pray for @tharealkingbk we are dealing with major health complications and I say WE because I am his WIFE and I will always stick to my vows that I took in front of God and the world. Please don’t judge what you see on television because this is REAL LIFE!! Thank you Everyone and God Bless!! #MommaDee”

We love the fact that Momma Dee and Ernest were able to rekindle their love after all those years. The are such an adorable couple and you can truly see how much she loves him despite all the craziness on LHHATL.

In May, Momma Dee husband Ernest revealed that she suffers from bipolar disorder and excessive drinking. Shore after his remarks Dee CLAPPED BACK on Twitter telling exveryone that Ernest suffers from erectile dysfunction and that her husband is a chainsmoker.

Those are two things men NEED to pay attention to when they’re older, because Ernest is in the hospital. Erectile dysfunction is cause by smoking cigarettes; it can aslo be early signs of colon cancer or prostate cancer. Hopefully Ernest has had his doctors check for the by having a colonoscomy.

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By The way checkout Dee’s Tweets last month:

Momma Dee‘s Husband Ernest Hospitalized

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