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New Details Surface Regarding George Michael

New Details Surface Regarding George Michael

We previously reported that British pop icon George Michael has died in his London home at the age of 53 by heart failure, but we have learned more!!!

Get the new details that has surfaced regarding the death of George Michael

New Details Surface Regarding George Michael

CelebNHealth247.com is shocked and saddened by the news that George Michael has died at such a young age. We have some new details surrounding the cause of death.

George Michael’s partner Fadi Fawaz broke his silence about finding his partner dead in bed. Fawaz said that “never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed.”

George Michael Dead, New Details Surface:

We have also learned that sources directly connected with George reveal that the singer died from heart failure. We’re told he was sleeping throughout the episode and suffered no pain.

It was also revealed that the singer had not been ill, and had been working on a Showtime movie of his life that was set to air in England next March.

What we have also learned is that George Michael has been recluse for the past few years. Before you ask why, we’ve have found out that Micheal was struggling with his weight.

The “Careless Whispers” pop singer was last spotted in mid-September at a restaurant in England. The once svelte singer had become tremendously large. He gained a lot of weight and looked to have maxed out to an unhealthy level, TMZ reported.

Fadi’s partner was rarely seen out in the months before his death. The WHAM! founder pulled a no-show at his traditional attending of Midnight Mass at a church near his home, locals were worried.

Michael was found peacefully dead in bed by his partner Fadi Fawaz Christmas Day morning.

We will keep you posted if we learn anymore on the passing of George Michael. Once again our condolences to his family, partner and friends.


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