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Olivia Newton John Cancer Battle with Kittens

Olivia Newton John Fighting Cancer with Kittens

Iconic Australian entertainer Olivia Newton John is said to be doing well as she receives treatment at a healing center for cancer.

Instead of being upset and angry, Olivia Newton John is using some animal therapy to help her through this hard time while she says FU to cancer. Read on more on Olivia Newton John Cancer Battle

Olivia Newton John Fighting Cancer with Kittens

Chloe Lattan, Olivia Newton John daughter says that her mom has surrounded herself with some playful kittens as she fights her new cancer battle.

Olivia Newton John Cancer Battle Details:

The “Xanadu” singer found herself fighting cancer for a second time in May when she learned that her cancer had returned after 25 years and spread to her back.

According to Chloe Lattan, her mom has been receiving treatment at a healing center.

Chloe says that Olivia sent her a video of some kittens playing in the grass.

Olivia Newton John Cancer Battle with Kittens

Olivia said in the video while one cat starts grooming another:

“Such a good mamma.”

Lattanzi captioned the video:

“My mamma just sent me this. She’s doing great! At a healing centre with lots of wild kittens! Just wanted to let you all know how well she’s doing. I love you guys. We love you! “#f**kcancer #fighter #winning and #ilovemymom.”

We wish Olivia Newton John a speedy recovery. She is a great woman and has touched all of our hearts growing up with her music, Koola Blue and Grease.

Why our 4-legged-friends help people to fight cancer:

It’s known that therapy dogs provide much-needed emotional support to cancer patients, who are vulnerable to depression and isolation as the disease impacts their lives.

When people are diagnosed with a life threatening disease, many of us don’t know how to handle the news. Some people shut down and quit while others are vulnerable and may not be getting the support they need from family and friends.

This is why dogs and cats are great for people fighting cancer. Animals provide much-needed emotional support to cancer patients.

It’s been reported that while patients are taking chemotherapy, spending time with a therapy dog or kittens before each treatment helped to increase their emotional and social well-being. Many people would be surprised, but pets help to calm nerves, help with depression, loss, loneliness, and to fight personal battles like cancer.

This is why Olivia Newton John Cancer battle with Kittens helps!

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