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Olivia Newton-John Health Update “I’m Here” + “I’m Doing Great!”

Olivia Newton-John Health Update "I'm Here" + "I’m Doing Great!”

The last time we spoke about Olivia Newton-John she was on the mend.

We are proud to say Olivia wants here fans to know “I’m here, I’m doing great!” Take that to those “greatly exaggerated” rumors that she was near death earlier this year.

Read on to get the latest on Olivia Newton-John health update

Olivia Newton-John Health Update "I'm Here" + "I’m Doing Great!”

CelebNHealth247.com reports that Olivia Newton-John is letting her fans know she’s doing well amid her third bout with breast cancer.

The “Grease” icon, Olivia Newton-John told Entertainment Tonight this week:

I just want everyone to know I’m here, I’m doing great!

The 70-year-old added at the Industry Dance Awards and Cancer Benefit Concert:

I’m doing really well, I’m really healthy.

Olivia Newton-John received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the event, was also presented with a donation for her Cancer Wellness & Research Center in Australia.

Last year we reported when Olivia Newton-John went public after she was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time and broke her sacrum last year.

Despite the diagnosis she stayed positive and had this to say about her recovery:

I had to learn to walk again and all these things but I’m strong and I’m back and I’m feeling good, and loving every minute.

Newton-John also said that she was happy to be known for her time on screen but would love to be recognized for her philanthropy work.

She said:

I’m happy if I’m entertaining people, but I’m happiest when I’m helping people.

Olivia was diagnosed for the first time in 1992.

In March of 2019 Olivia released her book “Don’t Stop Believin'”:

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