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Omari Hardwick Open Letter about his Grandpa Suffered Stroke

Power star Omari Hardwick recently spoke about a time when he was trying to have a private family that went left.

Omari Hardwick explained that he was disrespected by a fan who would NOT take, “no thank you” as an answer. In a recent open letter, the 44-year-old family man spoke about his Grampa Boots having a stroke. Read on…

Omari Hardwick Open Letter about his Grandpa Suffered StrokeCelebNHealth247.com reports that Omari Hardwick is one of those celebrities that want to keep his family time private.

Omari Hardwick just wants people to respect his time and to leave him alone when he is with his wife and kids.

In addition, the Nobody’s Fool star recently opened up about his Grampa Boots who suffered a stroke.

Omari recalls speaking with his Grampa Boots:

3 weeks ago, my Grandpa, I call Papa “Boots” suffered a stroke. My younger bro & I went to love on him last weekend joining my older bro, my folks & my sis. Ironically my other Grandpa (the one who called me Chilly) passed last November ultimately from the same thing after putting up a heavenuva fight. With my sister @shanikiden rubbing Grandpa’s head in the hospital about an hour ago….. the following transpired.

He added:

Then when my sis & I finally connected, I spoke to Grandpa Boots telling him I got his boots for him (fans who tend to dig my boot game….yes it started around 4 yrs old with this Grandpa). Papa has not said much beyond yes & no. After I started talking to him, he starts speaking & smiling/lightly laughing even. I tell him his deceased son, Kenny, loves him so much & that we all know how much he loves us.

Omari concludes by stating that his Grandpa Boots is Brave and that Boots is his hero.

The Power star says:

His great-grandson, Brave, comes from the front room to the back where I am….gently places his hand on my knee as if I conjured him. Or perhaps Kenny is up early in heaven working. Guess Brave heard him as much as his Great-grandpa heard me. #ThisMadeMyLife #Legacy #TreeOfLife #MyGrandpasMyHeroes #HonoringOurLivingAncestors ????

Omari Hardwick Open Letter about his Grandpa Suffered Stroke

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