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OMG! Former Basketball Wives DJ Duffy is SNATCHED

OMG! Former Basketball Wives DJ Duffy is SNATCHED

Remember DJ Duffy from Basketball Wives?  Well, she no longer looks the same, these days she is ready to rip the runway.

Continue on to take a look at the all-new DJ Duffy because she’s gorgeous…

OMG! Former Basketball Wives DJ Duffy is is blown away on how great DJ Duffy looks these days.

When she appeared on Basketball Wives, DJ Duffy was a bit thicker in the body and fuller in the face.

These days Duffy is rocking a hot new body and is letting all her haters eat Crow.

We are just loving that she has improved herself without being a bitter Betty about things. Duff was a bit thick like she mentioned, but these days Duffy is killing it.

Her body is banging, and the way she rocks all the hair colors is on point. It doesn’t matter what color her hair is, she is making it all look “oh so goooood!”

Duffy is rocking one of the more popular Halloween looks like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. She’s on point.

Duffy shares with her followers that she used the ShopBellaBody and the product really works. Moreover, the former reality TV star and professional DJ wants to share that ShopBellaBody really works.

The cool thing is that she wants to give back and help 5 women in Dallas:

@shopbellabody Bella trim drops changed my life and self-esteem… I want to do the same for 5 women in Dallas to show you, non-believers, that this product actually works! Email me your pictures and stories to

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