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Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco used to weigh 400 lbs, but now he’s lost the weight and has become a hunk. He’s so hot with his muscles and beard, Pasquale Brocco says, women won’t stop tossing it his way!!!

Flip and take a look at Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco transformation and tips to lose the weight…

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT wants to congratulate Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco for losing 392 Pounds and turning his unhealthy lifestyle around.

Man you look great!

A 31-year-old Arizona man, Pasquele Brocco used to gorge on 10,000 calories in one sitting and weighed 616 pounds. He stopped eating his 100 chicken nuggets at a time by hitting the gym and changing the way he eats. He now weighs 224 pounds by sticking to spinach, walking and working out daily.

Things have changed so much for the Bodybuilder that women instantly and drastically responded to his new physique. The change-up came after dropping the fat and picking up the muscle (and letting that beard flourish), of course.

He says that he’s getting more attention than he’s ever received in his life.

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco talks about his Journey:

“600+ lbs, unhealthy, and unaware of the harm I was causing my body! It took awake call from doctors for me to even want to change! To be honest I never even knew how much I weighed or what I was doing to my body! Close to death and eating myself into an early grave! I may not know everyone’s situation or what you’re going through in life but if your anything like I was it’s time for a change! No food taste good enough to give your life for it! Our health is our wealth and the choice is yours! You may not want to Dedicate your life to fitness or become a bodybuilder like I do but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a change! Eat cleaner, make healthier choices, become more active, go on walks, just do more than what you have been! Trust me it can go along way! I even started my own journey by walking! Point is the small things are important and they make the impossible become possible so start with what you can and keep making forward progress!”

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Pasquale Brocco took the photo above and added this caption:

“Same person but a new man! It’s funny both of theses picture taken on a Sunday 3 1/2!years apart and the biggest change besides my 340 lbs weight lost was my mindset! Take control of your mind then it’s easy to make your body do what you want it to do! Believe in yourself, if you believe you can achieve remember impossible is nothing but I’m possible and that’s my message for today!!”

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Pasquale Brocco on making it happen:

“You say you want it well the only way to get it is by starting! This transformation took me 3 years and when I first started I just didn’t want to die I wasn’t chasing no dreams didn’t have no goals beside to not be morbidity obese any more and stay alive! Oh how that has changed into so much more! The more I seen results the bigger my eyes became the more hungry I became, and that path I had with no real goals is now filled with multiple goals add dreams one including helping others! Now that I have had my loose skin removal by @drrepta_plasticsurgery I can’t wait for the next step after fully recovering it’s time to take my body to a level I’ve never seen, I level that just last month was unrealistic! 4-5 weeks and it’s time to get back to work @bigjeffheezy @indeed_iam let’s go! Something may seem out of reach or impossible don’t let you stop from trying you never know what you can become!”

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Pasquale Brocco explains his Skin Removal surgery:

“Picture on the left is me 4 weeks ago and 10 weeks out of surgery! I hadn’t lifted, worked out, did much cardio, been on my meal prep, or much of anything! the picture on the right is today and 4 weeks on my game lifting, cardio, and not missing a meal! Now this isn’t my biggest transformation and I’m far away from being show ready, but it’s forward progress! Any forward progress I make I’m proud of it as you should be! It’s no race as long as your moving forward and never quit!”

Men if you are overweight and need inspiration this is the guy to follow. He did it and in a healthy way. He lost 392 pounds. That is amazing. And all it took was dedication and drive.

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Pasquale Brocco on wanting more:

“I work hard, but I’m always aiming to work f#%king harder! I know there’s more out there, I know there’s someone lifting more than me, doing more reps than me, eating better than me. So I refuse to be content I will work harder I will not be out worked!! Have that positive attitude and never settle for a simple version of yourself be great.”

As for all the ladies trying to get some of that Yum Yum…Pat’s happily engaged with a one-year-old son. He says since his fiancée accepted him at over 500 pounds, there’s only one woman for him.

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

Pat says:

“Before people would ignore me. Now, women talk to me.”

He adds:

“But there’s only one woman for me, and that’s Jasmyne. Jasmyne met me when I was bigger. She loved me then and she loves me now. She supports my weight loss and goes to the gym with me every day, but she doesn’t love all the attention I get from other women now I’m muscular.”

Bodybuilder Pasquale Brocco Went from NOT to Mega HOT

We love this story. Ladies if you find a man who is overweight and you like him give him a shot. You never know how hot he may end up being?


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