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Peloton Takes L Over ‘Sexist’ Exercise Bike Ad

Peloton Takes L Over 'Sexist' Exercise Bike Ad

Peloton Takes L Over ‘Sexist’ Exercise Bike Ad!

Peloton’s controversial bike ad stirred immediate reaction and people are complaining. We see NOTHING wrong with the ad unless a person is completely insecure, but these days everyone is looking to complain about something, so Peloton takes an L. Read on to get more details on Peloton Exercise Bike Ad…

CelebNHealth247.com reports that Peloton released an Ad just in time for the black Friday holiday season sales has now sparked major criticism.

The new Peloton workout advertisement is taking an L!

The 30-second advert – titled “The gift that gives back” – was first released in mid-November, but this week a storm of criticism gathered pace online and even inspired a series of spoof video remakes.

With the climate of overly sensitive people and body-conscious men and women, critics are calling it “offensive” and “dumb.” social media and critics are pointing out that the woman was already slim at the start and the implication that her partner thinks she needs to get fitter and lose weight was patronizing and damaging.

To be honest, the commercial is already showing a woman who is in shape that she can stay home to stay fit instead of going to the gym. The only problem is that it doesn’t translate well.

Peloton Interactive made big news when its stock dropped 9.12% on Dec. 3 to close at $33.48 a share, down $3.36. The stock fell 1.55% on Dec. 4 to close at $32.96 a share, down 52 cents.

The stock appeared to take a hit after social media exploded about the latest lush holiday Peloton ad featuring a gorgeous young woman who tells the story of her harrowing year-long journey to get up at 5 a.m. and ride that exercise bike that her husband gave for Christmas.

Spoiler alert: She’s already in great shape.


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