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Possible COVID-19 Two Drug Treatment Discovered [Video]

Possible COVID-19 Two Drug Treatment Discovered

Possible Way To Treat COVID-19 Discovered!

Yes, Dr. Oz has already heard of a way to possibly rid people of the virus who have tested positive for COVID-19. Dr. Oz announced the two medication combo that will help rid people of the symptoms and get them well. Read on for more details on the COVID-19 Two Drug Treatment… reports that earlier today Dr. Oz who has been working from home to find a cure and spoken to a doctor in France.

The doctor in France said that they have been using a two medication therapy for the Coronavirus and its been curing patients.

It has been ridding patients of all symptoms of the Coronavirus.

Dr. Oz explains in the video above from his home that the doctor in France received this therapy from China. It has proven to work in China and in France.

Oz also said that the U.S. needs to start clinical trials and giving patients this therapy in hospitals. It takes about 6 days to rid the symptoms.

Basically the combination is an old Malaria drug from 60 years called hydroxychloroquine and a Z-pak.

What is being said is that Zithromax is helping to reduce symptoms within 6 days. Doctors are hopeful that the Z-Pak is helped the 36 people who was part of a COVID-19 Two Drug Treatment test run.

NOTE: Dr. Oz is saying that people with Lupus are NOT catching Coronavirus and the but people free of are susceptible to COVID-19.

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