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Prince Protege Vanity Dies at 57

Vanity Denise Mathews Dead

One of the sexiest women of the 80s, singer of “Nasty Girl”, the funk/pop movement and Prince Protege Vanity Dies at 57!!!

CelebNMusic247.com and CelebNHealth247.com has the heartbreaking new that Denise Matthews, who as Vanity fronted the group Vanity 6 has gone home on the flip…

Did you hear that Vanity, born Denise Matthews, passed away on February 15, 2016?

Vanity, was the lead singer of the ’80s girl group Vanity 6, has died after years of battling kidney failure and, more recently, an abdominal illness!

In 2013, Denise Mattews dispelled RUMORS that she was ill, writing:

“I heard a rumor is going around that I might not be doing so well. So I thought id put it to rest. I’m absolutely fantastic, incredible living in gods fullness in joy and I am the happiest person I know on earth!!”

It breaks our hearts since Vanity was an iconic part of the 1980s. She celebrated her birthday last week, but died at a hospital in Fremont, California.


CelebNMusic247.com and CelebNHealth247.com has this report:

Gisela Hernandez, a spokeswoman for Washington Hospital Health Care System confirmed Vanity’s passing. She was 57 years old, according to her biography on the Internet Movie Database.

Denise will always be remembered for Vanity 6 and movie roles, playing mostly sultry character in movies like “52 Pick-Up” and “Action Jackson.”

The Canadian born singer/actress turned her back on the entertainment industry in the mid 1990s and dedicated herself to her Christian faith, eventually becoming an evangelist.

She was a devout Christian, she spoke with disdain of her former career, saying she had been miserable throughout it. Vanity had been clean and sober, after over coming great odds of addiction, but it was said that she said she was ready to go home last weekend.

Vanity was a wonderful person and will always be remembered. Thank you Denise for all your greatness. RIP!

Friends of hers have been saying their goodbyes on social media all day:

Vanity Denise Mathews Dead

MC Hammer posted this message once he heard about Vanity passing:

Friends say goodbye to Vanity Denise Mathews Dead



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